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Our flash game Knight Fall has been lunched today. My first ever game that actually comes to live thanks to Vlad Golcea and other good people.=) I think HOORAY! would be appropriate .
Enjoy if you dare.=)

Thank you all, good people, who care to say a few good words, it gives me a reason to find more time for the art through daily routine.
Hello, good people=)

Have decided to drop foolstown host due to lack of time for site maintenance  and move some pieces in here.

I'll greatly appreciate if someone who host smiles would adopt my pile. Thanks.=)
Finally. Illustrations I've been working on for a while for interactive book for  iPad has been published. First project I have ever complete, yay.=)…
Pilgrim's Progress Interactive Storybook is an adaptation of John Bunyan's famous work.
Lucky owners of iPads  check it out - awesome music and rhymes. Trial version is free I think.

On a side note:
I'd like to thank everyone for all the feedback I have from you. Sorry I'm not reply often not being a public person and sometimes too much attention freaks me out a bit...feel like I farted out loud in room full of people and everyone's looking at me.=) But I do appreciate all comments you leave. I'm trying to answer any questions you got.
Thank you all, friends. I hope now her confused soul has heard  your voices and found her way out.

Sorry, I still have a hard time to think straight, but one thing I want to say - I thought I had a tough life, there were times i fight for my life, and truly believed that human being is really hard to kill, no matter how bad the damage looks, life like water - always find a way, very small gap and widen it up. What strikes me bad is death come and claim young life effortless, without the fight, like everyday thing - just to show how fragile in fact the life is.I think it is a reason enough to hug you beloved and don't let death ugly face any near. Dead needs to be remembered, alive - being taking care of..Thanks again, I'm really appreciate your support.

I hope I'll get back as soon as I learn how to laugh again.
For those who wondering - Fool's House up and running, looks not exactly as I want it to (I thought I'm dumb, but I appear to be dumber.=)Oh well, left flash  gallery script for the next update.
Anyhow, not all the pages are filled, but I  am on it, catching bugs on the way.=)

P.S. Sorry, I'm not replying on all the comments - I really do appreciate all your inputs, just going nuts lately with living schedule. I'm trying though to answer the questions.
Sorry,everyone, I have to take that Fool's House down for the reasons I could explain later.=(

Hey, guys, thank you very much for your interest. Everything is fine, a few things need to be cleared out, I'll post it back later.=) Still have a lot of things to do to accomplish that site anyway.
Was thinking for a while of opening account on dA and here we go - thanks to ^ShoneGold for an invitation and  big help. =)

My main interest  is pixelart. Perhaps,  I'm no artist and don't  have any intention to be one - i've spent my ambitions on other things in life, but that's something what  makes my day these days.

Unfortunatelly i don't have much time for interactivity - working at day, pixel at night, sleep while driving in-between - i won't promiss to replay to (or even read =)) the comments, bit I will when ever I'll get a chance.